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What is The Quivering Palm?


The Quivering Palm is a 3D animation production company with a focus on

science fiction and fantasy.

Several scripts are in the works and a

fantasy series entitled "Drayle's Dilemma" is currently in pre-production. No release dates have been determined at this time.

The Quivering Blog


Here you'll find the various musings and anecdotes of KP the Animator. Join him on his journey as he teaches and learns the various methods of storytelling through 3d animation.

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Drayle's Dilemma


After a famous knight is captured by the evil Cultists of Dredge, a group of unlikely adventurers lead by a mysterious thief band together to save him, only to find that there is more to his kidnapping than meets the eye. "Drayle's Dilemma" is an animated fantasy series currently in pre-production. 

Sneak Peek!

This is the first draft of a quick tour down main street in the town of Starn for the forthcoming animated cartoon series "Drayle's Dilemma" (no three dimensional vegetation yet).


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